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I'm moving to a new account

2014-08-06 00:00:13 by spoonfed

*****An important message to my fans! PLEASE READ THIS!*****
I have some good new and some bad new. The bad news is that I will no longer be uploading anything to my spoonfed account on Newgrounds. The good new is that I will still be making videos, but on another Newgrounds account named Glugglor. I apologize for any inconvenience or general sadness this may cause you. If it makes you feel any better, I've already uploaded seven videos to that account and am constantly working on new ones.

Please follow my new account if you wish keep up to date on my newest videos and stuff.
If you are still skeptical, you can check out one of my favorite videos I've put on my Glugglor account here.

Youtube page is up

2012-05-16 01:33:35 by spoonfed

Youtube 2RrnkMA